Pure® is an important innovation from Lankhorst Yarns. Pure® is made from a 100% polypropylene composite material and is fully recyclable. Pure® is a tape produced by Lankhorst Yarns and is ideal for use in thermoforming. PURE® material is high in stiffness and low in density. The combination of these two characteristics makes PURE® an excellent option for sectors such as the construction sector, the automotive sector, the consumer products sector and the flat panels sector. Pure® has been used in products such as motorbike helmets and suitcases. Pure® technology is patented.

As of 1 January 2016, DIT BV has acquired the commercial activities of Lankhorst Pure Composites BV. DIT BV, in collaboration with Milliken USA, is the distributor of Pure®. For more information visit: www.ditweaving.com.


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Jos Lemmens